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Decoding Sutra 3.30: How Concentrating on the Navel Encourages Body Awareness

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When I first learn the Yoga Sutra 30 years in the past, Vibhuti Pada (the chapter on manifestation) stirred my curiosity with its reference to samyama, which might be loosely translated as “integration.” Patanjali writes that samyama is the simultaneous expression of the final three limbs of Ashtanga Yoga—dharana (focus), dhyana (meditation), and samadhi (realization)—it’s a complete absorption into the object of meditation with a purpose to expertise profound shifts in consciousness.

I discovered some elements of this chapter virtually lighthearted and amusing at first. Some of the superhuman powers achieved via samyama, corresponding to shrinking your self right into a minute measurement or turning into additional heavy, appeared the stuff of Marvel Comics. But as I reread it over the years, I started to see this chapter in a brand new mild. The samyamas are expressions of deep realizations which might be a part of a continuum of understanding.

The Power of Navel-Gazing

In this sutra, the energy or follow Patanjali describes is “samyama on the navel.” This concentrated meditation on your midsection opens the door to an important understanding of your physique’s constituent elements and subtle-energy channels (nadis). Your manipura (navel) chakra is the originating level of 72,000 nadis, making it a very potent area.

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