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ACE Fitness | Exercise Considerations for Clients With Total Joint Replacement

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One of the most typical continual circumstances amongst individuals over the age of 50 is osteoarthritis, which is a progressive degenerative situation that worsens over time on account of damaging thinning of the cartilage. This results in ache and dysfunction, together with power, range-of-motion and practical deficits. Common remedies embrace exercise, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and warmth/ice. However, as soon as all the cartilage is misplaced, these remedies are ineffective and extra intensive choices have to be explored. Total joint alternative has grow to be a routine remedy, and the 2 commonest joints to bear the process are the hips and knees. According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, osteoarthritis is the main explanation for knee alternative and 90% of sufferers report a big enchancment in signs following the process.

In 2010, roughly 2.5 million individuals have been dwelling with complete hip arthroplasties (THA) and four.7 million individuals with complete knee replacements (TKR) within the U.S. (Kremers, 2015). Currently, greater than 700,000 total knee replacement surgeries happen yearly and that quantity is predicted to extend considerably to three.5 million yearly by the yr 2030. Given the continued improve within the variety of individuals present process joint alternative surgical procedure, as a health and exercise skilled it’s important that you’ve the information and expertise to have the ability to work with these shoppers, each earlier than and after their procedures. This article summarizes the rehabilitative course of and exercise suggestions for these shoppers.

The Rehabilitative Process

Acute post-operative bodily remedy typically begins the day after surgical procedure to start out engaged on enhancing vary of movement, primary strengthening, gait training and stair climbing. The typical hospital keep is just about 4 days until there are problems. Once launched from the hospital, a affected person might obtain some residence remedy earlier than being referred to an outpatient clinic. During outpatient remedy, the primary focus is to maximise power, vary of movement and useful mobility (together with gait and stability). Although exercises after TKR will probably be extra “knee dominant” and exercises after THA might be extra “hip dominant,” every of those packages will embrace knee and hip exercises as they’re each essential within the kinetic chain to revive practical motion.

Immediately after THA and early within the rehabilitative course of (60-90 days sometimes), the affected person will possible be instructed to keep away from hip flexion previous 90 levels, crossing the operated leg over the opposite, and strolling pigeon-toed (inner hip rotation). Recovery time is analogous for each procedures and it sometimes takes about two to 3 months post-surgery to return to a “normal” degree of functioning. During remedy, the affected person might be requested to carry out a house exercise program to maximise his or her restoration progress and it’s important that this system is adhered to for greatest outcomes.

Exercises for THA and TKR

When working with a shopper who continues to be present process the rehabilitative course of or who has simply been launched, it is very important immediately talk together with his or her bodily therapist to acquire enter relating to what forms of exercises to incorporate or keep away from within the shopper’s program. Ask your shoppers if they’ve been given a house exercise routine by their bodily therapist upon discharge, as this can be helpful info in creating their new program. Exercise at this stage might embrace a mixture of exercises to focus on the person muscle teams (e.g., hamstrings, glutes, quads, calves) and extra practical or whole-body patterns resembling squats, deadlifts and lunges. Balance work can also be a continued element.

In most instances, shoppers who’ve undergone joint alternative surgical procedure may have few long-term limitations and their perform ought to enhance dramatically as a result of they may not be experiencing the ache and discomfort of an osteoarthritic joint. However, if a person has lived with a painful hip or knee for a few years, she or he could have doubtless developed dysfunctional motion compensations that may have to be addressed. Therefore, these shoppers ought to be screened to determine their deficits. Other assessments for power, gait and stability may be included, relying on the shopper’s age and skill degree.

Ultimately, it is very important progress these shoppers to loaded motion patterns. Unilateral lower-body exercises akin to step-ups, single-leg stands and ahead lunges can reveal deficits in a single limb in comparison with the opposite, whereas three-dimensional actions resembling clock/matrix lunges, ViPR stream routines and even farmer’s walks can facilitate “linkages” within the kinetic chain. Dynamic stability and agility training, akin to agility ladders or impediment programs, could also be included to proceed to problem proprioception and coordination.

Potential Problems

If full movement (Zero-110 levels) has not been achieved after TKR, range-of-motion exercises also needs to be included. It can also be essential to refer the shopper again to bodily remedy for further issues, resembling aggressive bodily remedy, manipulation beneath anesthesia, surgical removing of scar tissue and even revision knee alternative (solely about 1-2% want a revision). Some sufferers might report noises corresponding to clicking or popping when bending the knee. This is usually not a priority until there’s ache related to the noise.


As a health and exercise skilled, don’t be scared off by potential shoppers who’ve undergone complete joint alternative surgical procedures; as an alternative, take the time to accumulate the talents and information crucial to deal with the challenges these shoppers might face. By understanding the rehabilitative course of and speaking with therapists, you possibly can assist these shoppers obtain a good greater degree of health, perform and fitness by way of correct exercise programming and supervision.

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