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Myths You Shouldn’t Believe About Fitness After 50

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Myth: Squats will wreck my knees


There’s a purpose so many trainers say their favourite exercise is a squat. “Properly performed squats will not result in knee pain or injury—they’re one of the staples of a well-rounded exercise program that can help you get a stronger lower body,” says Christina Prevett, MScPT, CSCS, PhD(c), and proprietor of Stave Off, a fitness facility.

Myth: I can’t exercise, I’ve “bone on bone” arthritis.

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“We need to think of arthritis like gray hair—it’s a part of the aging process,” says Prevett. “That said, studies looking at people with no pain in their knees have found signs of ‘bone on bone’ arthritis. Many people with signs of arthritis on an X-ray report no pain in their knees. So you can exercise, even if you have arthritis. It will not accelerate the development of arthritis, especially if you exercise under the guidance of a well-trained healthcare provider or fitness professional.” It’s additionally value mentioning that holding your weight in examine is among the methods to ease arthritis symptoms.

Myth: Strength training will make me cumbersome and motionless

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This is one thing ladies particularly fear about—however they shouldn’t, particularly since power training is vital for health and weight loss. “It’s critical not to confuse strength training with bodybuilding,” says Jonathan Sullivan, MD, PhD, FACEP, SSC, and proprietor of Greysteel Strength & Conditioning. “Bodybuilding is a sport focused on producing an extreme hyper-muscular physique for competitive or aesthetic purposes. Strength training is directed at the cultivation of strength, fitness, and health.” For the overwhelming majority of girls, even heavy-lifting will solely tone their physique.

And they desperately have to raise: “Women lose muscle, bone, and strength faster than men, making weight training a critical part of any woman’s fitness program. Women can and should engage in training, including strength training, with the same exercises and programs that benefit men,” explains Sullivan. Check out this 15-minute strength-training routine that will work your entire body.

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